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D.C. area jobless rate dropped to 5.1 percent in December

Sarah Halzack reports that employment gains were largely clustered in the DC bar, restaurant, retail and real estate scenes, while government and private business hires were negative to low. Full Story.

Yes, the Sequester Is Affecting the Job Market

Catherine Rampell of The New York Times writes, "The across-the-board automatic federal budget cuts that began in March do not seem to be derailing the recovery so far, given that the job market over all has continued to grow. And certainly some of the scariest predictions about the sequester didn’t come true (partly because Congress stepped in to prevent their occurrence). But if you look closely at the data, the sequester still does seem to be affecting certain industries pretty badly." Full Story.

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D.C. Temp Agencies

A list of temp agencies has been added to the "Job Search Resources" list on the site, available after you log in. If it's taking some time to land that perfect full-time job, consider temping. For more information on why working with a temp agency is a good thing, check out the American Staffing Association.

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Five Ways You Can Help Turn Your Internship Into a Job

Adam Lewis, CEO at Apploi, answers the question, "How am I supposed to get experience ... if you need experience to get experience?” Check out the answer here.

5 Tips for Making a Temporary Job Permanent

The Boston Globe explains that, "Often, organizations use temp-to-perm positions as a way to "try before they buy." Here's how to get them to buy."

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