Job Hunting Tips

This Is Why December Is The Best Month To Find A Job

Some good reminders about job hunting during the holidays.

Five Ways You Can Help Turn Your Internship Into a Job

Adam Lewis, CEO at Apploi, answers the question, "How am I supposed to get experience ... if you need experience to get experience?” Check out the answer here.

5 Tips for Making a Temporary Job Permanent

The Boston Globe explains that, "Often, organizations use temp-to-perm positions as a way to "try before they buy." Here's how to get them to buy."

5 Mistakes College Job Seekers Make

A new study shows that college students need to be doing a lot more to set themselves up for a job after college. Forbes.

How to get a job when you're over 50

If you're 50-plus and have experienced a job loss, or you're simply looking to switch gigs, take heart in the fact that your career isn't over.

Looking to Network?

Check out this list of clubs to join from HillZoo.

Stuck at First Interview?

For those getting first interviews but not second ones, be sure to review these tried and truisms.

Unemployment Advice

For the unemployed, five steps to take.

Advice for Applying to Large Companies

If you are applying online to very large companies, be sure to read the "How to Beat the Black Hole" sidebar in this article, Your Resume vs. Oblivion.

Career Assessment Tools

Thinking career change?  A 30-minute assessment of your skills and interests could help!  There's even a high school version for students trying to decide what to study in college.

For Interns Only ...

Interns will enjoy this fun and useful site by Eric Woodard.

Interview Prep Tool

Another great prep tool for interviews: Jenny Blake, founder of, offers a smart (and free!) "Job Interview One-Sheeter - Your Personal Cliff Notes" for download.

Using Email to Get a Job

Since most job applications are via email these days, do not miss "7 Ways to Use Email to Nab a Job" from " from U.S. News.

Taking the High Road

Yahoo recently published an article called, “10 Ways to Be Liked in Your Job Interview” by Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon that, though inappropriately titled because it actually gave warnings on how to be disliked in an interview, offered some good reminders to job seekers. Full Story

Email and Resume Tips

My inbox is filled each week with resumes from people looking for work in the DC area. So I see a lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly in cover letter and resume writing! Full Story

Advice for New Applicants to the D.C. Job Market

Dear Chloe,

First of all, welcome to Washington! Not only do I wish you much success in your job search, but I hope you will also enjoy all the great things our city has to offer to fill your nightlife and weekends. Full Story