Should I still job hunt during the holidays?

by Brad and Fraser Traverse,


December may seem like a distracted month at work, but make no mistake: Stakeholders in DC are definitely getting ready for the new Congress in January. And that includes hiring new employees now.

Poor Job Fit? A Few Ideas While You Wait For a Better Opportunity

Published on LinkedIn by Marla Gottschalk, Ph.D.

Over the years, I've found myself in several less than ideal roles. For some reason, I felt alone in this plight. But, I've since realized this could not have been further from the truth.

Practically Political: Navigating the Political Job Market

Practically Passionate Podcast, November 6, 2018

Brad and Fraser share tips especially geared toward young professionals looking to work on Capitol Hill and beyond.


How To Land A Job In The New Democrat-Controlled Congress

by Sarah Sinovic, Capitol Standard, November 7, 2018

Michael Hardaway shares some excellent tips on how to get noticed if you want to land a job on Capitol Hill in the next few months.

Midterm Madness: Finding Your Career Path Through the Chaos

Government Affairs Industry Network, November 2, 2018

Elections create a lot of change on the Hill and Downtown. How can you take advantage of the chaos and position yourself for success in your career? The experts at Time on the Hill will guide you through the midterm madness and help you capitalize on the chaos.