Congress's List: Staffers take networking online to help job seekers

By Debbie Siegelbaum - The Hill

Brad Traverse knows how hard it is to find a job on Capitol Hill.

Networking Plays Big Role in Landing Hill Job

By Rachael Bade -Roll Call

Career Adviser Stresses Importance of Experience, Suggests Websites to Find Congressional Openings.
Graduation approaches and you’re freaking out about landing that first job. Just remember, your frantic self is not alone.

The D.C. Job Market: Good News and Bad News

By Brad and Fraser Traverse

There's good news and not-so-good news in the D.C. job market these days. The good news is that there are a ton of jobs in DC.

A Wave for GOP Staffers?

by Daniel Libit -Politico

A glance at the Republican job bank page on Texas Rep. John R. Carter’s website paints the whole, bleak picture with what it doesn’t show: real jobs.

Hill job seekers must be on the list


But if you want to actually land the job, you’ll almost certainly have to subscribe to one of the unofficial e-mail vacancy lists run by staffers themselves.